TD Thanks You: Ceréna

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#TDThanksYou is an annual celebration of TD customers who are making a difference. Each year, TD thanks those who have spread positivity and helps them continue with their efforts.

Ceréna is a TD customer who co-founded Club Quarantine, an online safe space for people of all races, genders, cultures, and abilities. In this video, Canada’s Drag Race star, Tynomi Banks, works with Ceréna’s family and friends to surprise her with a gift to say thank you for helping bring people together.



Bokeh Studios


Kris Elsley & Jesse Storey

Line Producer

Dayna Sayer


Rob Brunner

Director of Photography

Tony Edgar

Post-Production Sound

Campaign Videos

3 x 2.5 mins



"Thank you so much for all your hard work, professionalism, and creativity into this year’s TDThanksYou. You’re exactly the producers needed for this job, you make the heroes fall in love with you and their entire worlds open up to your beck and call. Love what you bring to the table creatively, but more so, your dedication to just making cool shit. It’s never about watching the clock or trying to fit it in to the schedule. It's doing whatever it takes to get the right shot at the right time.
It really brings the anxiety level down on these shoots.

Let’s do it all again next year… With a helicopter”.

Mark Graham, Director, Content Production | Diamond Marketing Group

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