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About the

They are not marked, there are no signs or plaques, but these parking lots, pieces of sidewalk, open fields and mini-markets are connected to some of the most controversial events in pop culture history. We’ll revisit the sites at the center of these stories for an eye-opening look at the events as they unfolded. You may think you know what happened, but you don’t really know the full story until you’ve walked in the final footsteps and retraced the places where it all began.



Bokeh Studios, Buck Productions

Executive Producer

Lou Occhicone, Stephen Schwartz, Sean Buckley, Jim Kiriakakis, Chris Epting

Series Producers / Directors

Rob Brunner & Justin Harding


Kris Elsley & Josh Tizel

Director of Photography

Joe Queenan


Josh Tizel & Kris Elsley

Select Cast

Bibbe Hansen, Richard Pryor Jr., Zeola Gaye, Irene Gaye, James Warhola, Gary Cobain, Bob Gruen, Kliph Nesteroff, Trisha Paytas


10 x 60 mins



“I have to tell you I am 10 mins in and it is genius. Very powerful. Well done. A fantastic show. So very proud to have worked with you all on it.”

Sean Buckley, CEO | Buck Productions

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